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Specialist Tools and Accessories
Copper Dies, 12T Crimpers, 23T Crimpers, Aluminium Dies, Crimp Heads, Cutting Heads, Hydraulic Pole Saws, Hydraulic I...


  • Copper Dies

    •Huge range of dies for the Hydraulic Tool range •Ensures a quality crimp every time •Full sets or individual dies •Custom manufactured dies also available to suit your requirements

  • 12T Crimpers

    •Range of hydraulic crimpers in a 'C' head and 'U' head style •Pistol grip designs available - lightweight and easy to use •Supplied in robust storage case •Accessories and spare parts available

  • 23T Crimpers

    •Lightweight design with the ability to crimp 630mm2 copper and 500mm2 aluminium •Throat opening 50mm •Steel storage case and die holder tray also available

  • Aluminium Dies

    •Huge range of dies for the Hydraulic Tool range •Full sets or individual dies •Ensures a quality crimp every time •Custom manufactured dies also available to suit your requirements

  • Crimp Heads

    •Quality range of hydraulic crimp heads •From 23 tonne up to 60 tonne •Light weight portable designs •Use with CABAC dies and pumps

  • Cutting Heads

    •Range of hydraulic and remote cutting heads •Suits a large range of cable types and sizes •Quick effortless cutting

  • Hydraulic Pole Saws

    •Designed for safely trimming branches from either an aerial bucket, or from the ground •The industries lightest, most balanced hydraulic pole saw •High strength insulated fibreglass pole •'Cool Running' handle for operator comfort •Automatic chain oiler

  • Hydraulic Impact Wrenches

    •Featuring an exclusive dual torque selector 200-515 FT.LB •Ideal for drilling holes, tightening and loosening hardware •Use on the toughest treated hardwood power poles •Cartridge style valves for greater accuracy •Economical servicing

  • Impact Auger Bits

    •Designed with Australian conditions in mind •Heavy duty self feeding lead screw •Low friction coating for easy chip removal •Re-sharpen with suitable file •Huge range of sizes available

  • Impact Sockets

    •Huge range of Swedish made Momento long series impact sockets •Adaptors also available •Sizes available for every application

  • Power Auger Bits

    •The MSS range of DOMINATOR power auger bits are designed for use on the toughest hardwood •Suitable for use in drills with a minimum 7/16" chuck size •A range of sizes and lengths to suit all applications •Not suitable for use with impact wrenches

  • Hydraulic Pumps

    •Range of pumps available producing a full 700 bar (10,000 psi) of pressure •Portable, battery, electrical and foot pumps available •Electrical pump has optional accessories •Lightweight and easy operation

  • Couplers

    •Couplers for medium pressure hydraulic systems •Couplers for the Kompressor and Enforcer •Couplers for hydraulic pole saws

  • Hydraulic Hose

    •Twinline non-conductive flexible hose sets suitable for use on medium pressure hydraulic systems •Use where shock hazards exist and non-conductivity is required •Various lengths available