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  • Earth Leakage Relays

    A range of Earth Leakage Relays, for use on single and three phase systems. Available with adjustable sensitivity or fixed sensitivity, for din rail or panel mounting. Broyce Control also offers a version of Earth Leakage Relay with integral toroid. They monitor Earth Leakage current and operate an integral relay at a preset level. Can be used on Earth Leakage alarm or for Earth Leakage protection. Earth Leakage relays are used in conjunction with a core balance current transformer (CT) which are available in different sizes (ZCT/ Toroids). Earth Leakage Relays are a valuable way to protect personnel and equipment in our ever growing litigious society.

  • Earth Fault and Overcurrent Relays

    A range of high performance, 32-bit ARM based Inverse Definite Minimum Time (IDMT), Inverse Definite Time (IDT) and Definite Time (DT) Relays for monitoring and protecting network feeders against overcurrent and/or earth fault conditions.

    Four programmable models are available and include True R.M.S. measurement techniques, 6 selectable IDMT characteristic curves, adjustable DT, pre-defined and selectable CT ratios, Low-set and High-set tripping thresholds and with information being displayed on a clear backlit Liquid Crystal Display. These products have been designed using Ecosmart technology which ensures the power consumption is kept to a minimum whilst meeting all applicable energy efficient requirements.

    In addition to the above, five new models which sit beneath the fully programmable versions offer fixed tripping characteristics (IDMT, IDT or DT) along with user adjustable Low-set and High-set tripping thresholds

  • Three Phase Relays

    A range of Three Phase Relays available for monitoring three phase supplies for under voltage, phase loss, phase sequence, over voltage, phase asymmetry. Three Phase Relays are available for din rail and panel mounting. These Three Phase Relays are designed to protect equipment from various issues with the three phase supply preventing significant downturn, damage and costs. Broyce Control offer microprocessor based products for their flexibility or non microprocessor products for critical areas such as Nuclear power stations

  • Time Delay Relays

    A range of Timers for covering a wide range of functions like delay on, delay off, star delta start, recycling. Ideally used to control the operation of machinery and equipment. Available in both multi-function or single function as well as din rail, plug in or surface mounting to cater for your individual requirements.

  • Control Relays

    A range of Control Relays for monitoring under and over voltage, current and frequency. Also available for usage on thermistor, pump, speed and battery voltage alarm requirements. Available in din rail, plug in or panel mount.

  • Level Control Relays

    A range of Level Control Relays which can suit a wide range of applications including dry running protection, seal leakage, pump up, pump down. Ideally used to monitor or maintain levels of conductive or non-conductive liquid. Available in din rail or surface mount.

  • Protection Devices

    A range of Protection devices which can suit a variety of applications from surge protection to reverse power. Available for din rail or surface mounting use.

  • Generator Protection

    A range of generator protection devices which can suit a variety of applications from surge protection to reverse power. Available for din rail or surface mounting use.

  • Sockets

    A range of sockets to compliment its 8, 11, 14 pin relays available in din rail and surface mounting.

  • Hours Run Meters