Data Tools

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Data Tools
RJ Crimpers, Splice Crimpers, Punch Down Tools, DSUB Insertion and Extraction Tools, Lan Testers, Coax Tools, CATV Cr...


  • RJ Crimpers

    • Range of high quality crimpers for RJconnectors and termination kits • Lightweight to precision tools • Hardened precision dies • Insulated & ergonomic handles • Built in rachet to ensure completion of crimp

  • Splice Crimpers

    • Parallel action crimper to ensure proper crimping • Crimps UR, UY and UG connectors • Designed for Telstra style moisture resistant connectors • Self contain cutter • Good quality crimper

  • Punch Down Tools

    • Range of punch down tools for KATT and 110 style terminals • Impact punch down options available • Katt and 110 punch down head • Various extras available for different tools

  • DSUB Insertion and Extraction Tools

    • Tools for DSUB connectors assembly • Insertion and extraction tools • Easy insertion of DSUB pins • Dedicated pin extraction tools • Reliable and long lasting tools

  • Lan Testers

    • Range of cable testing Instruments from basic patch lead connection tester to Data Network Certifiers • LED connection indication • Not always for live circuits - please check specifications • Live circuit testers available • Some test kits have multiple remote devices

  • Coax Tools

    • Range of coax cable preperation and connection tools and kits to suit a variety of appplications • Basic sizes RG6, RG59, RG58 to kits covering extensive ranges • Kits contain strippers, cutter and crimpers • Kit O5TK1 contains extra dies for extensive range

  • CATV Crimpers

    • Crimper and tool kits for coaxial connectors installation needs • Compression and crimp type • F and RG6 connectors • For TV and video applications • High quality crimpers

  • Lan Tools

    • Range of testers including LAN testers, Netfinders, VDV multimedia testers and cable certifiers • Local area network testers for installers and certifiers • Wide range of LAN tester in various levels of features • High precision testing equipment • Supply confidence in installation and workmanship

  • PC and Notebook Tool Kits

    • Range of tool kits for PC & laptop repair • Tool kits available in soft pouch, soft case or hard case • Sets include basic tools for service work- please check tool list

  • Labelling Printers and Tape

    • The best brands in portable labelling systems available with a huge range of tape/printing options • Fast labelling with pre-program options • Print high quality durable labels and barcodes • Tapes include flexible nylon, fabric, polyester, heatshrinkable • Huge range of tape sizes and colours

  • Butt Testers

    • High quality, top of the range Butinksi Portable Telephone Line Tester • DSP - Digital Services Protection • Tone/pulse operation • High voltage protection with alarms • Belt clip/hanging loop

  • Tone Generators

    • Data Cable Identification and Tracing (F-set) • Tone generator and tone tracer

  • Wi Fi Testers

    • Digital Wi-FI spotter with signal strength and status information • Signals between 802.11b and 802.11g • Provides information on each network with multiple networks • Detects encryption • Range 60m

  • Cord Testers

    • Cable tester checks USB, 1393, SATA, TX and RX cables - for detecting correct connection, crossovers, open circuit, etc • Invaluable tool for quick cable testing • Test USB, 1393, SATA, TX, RX and more • LED indication for each conductor • Portable

  • Fibre Tools and Testing

    • Full range of quality fibre tools and testing equipment for fibre installation needs • Various types of lapping film available • Industrial scissors and strippers • Polishing tools • Testers include infrared multi-mode and single-mode