Networking Hardware

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Networking Hardware
Switches, Routers and Modems, Wireless, Media Converters, KVM Switches and Cables, Video Splitters, Extenders, Print ...


  • Networking Hardware Switches

    • Data switches allow users to simply plug into any port of a 10/100 or 1000Mbps network to multiply bandwidth and boost response time • Range from 5 to 24 ports • HDMI switches allow selection from multiple digital video sources • Choose from 2 or 4 HDMI input

  • Routers and Modems

    • For simple home and office applications • Provides high-speed internet access • Full feature ADSL router • Complies with FCC part15 regulations and CE approved • Wired and wireless options available

  • Wireless

    • Wireless solution components for a variety of applications • High speed wireless technology • Wireless antenna, cards and adaptors of different formats • Accesspoint and routers • Reliable wireless access in wide range of parts

  • Media Converters

    • Copper to optical protocol conversion equipment • Available in single and multi mode formats • Popular SC and ST connections • Options of maximum available distances • 10/100 and Gigabit media convertors available

  • KVM Switches and Cables

    • Simple to use with features such as LED indicators for computer status, hot keys and push buttons for switching between computers • On screen display • Password protection • Hot plug • Auto scan

  • Video Splitters

    • Splits a standard VGA signal into multiple signals • Can be daisy chained to create multiple splitters • Signal bandwidth 400MHz provides superior video display • Ideal for education, presentations, demonstrations etc • 2, 4 or 8 ports

  • Extenders

    • Range of extenders designed to transmit signals over various distances • KVM extender for remote access of PC up to 150m • VGA extender allows signals to be transmitted up to 300m • HDMI extender transmits up to 80m

  • Print Servers

    • Allows a user running different operating systems and LAN protocols to share printers • Server features multi-protocol support and easy-to-use utility