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Cables Video Computers Audio
Security Sound Cable Rolls, USB Cables, HDMI Cables, Power Cables, Firewire Cables, Printer Cables, Kbd Mouse Cables ...


  • Security Sound Cable Rolls

    • Large range of Belden multi-pair security cables • Supplied in 305 metre reels • 4 and 6 core options available

  • USB Cables

    • USB 2.0 linking and extension cables. • Combinations of USB 2.0 A, mini A and B cables • 1.8m, 2m, 3m & 5m; see the individual item • Illuminated USB 2.0 extension cables also available

  • HDMI Cables

    • HDMI provides an interface between an audio/video source and an audio/video monitor, such as a digital television (DTV) • ONE cable for superior crisp video and audio signals • Including surround sound • HDMI is compatible with DVI (video only)

  • Power Cables

    • Power cord insulated pins comply with Australian Standard. 3 Pin Plug to IEC, figure 8 and 3 pin clover-leaf • 'Y' power cord with two IEC female available • Ideal for hooking up a computer and screen • Cord lengths 2m and 5m available

  • Firewire Cables

    • Originally designed for Mac computers but have become more popular with PCs - FireWire parts are standard in all good PCs • Ideal for visual and graphic design, especially Firewire "B" • FireWire "B" cables transmit at 800Mbps at full speed • FireWire "A" cables transmit at 400Mbps at full speed

  • Printer Cables

    • Cables for printer connection - USB, DB25 and Centronics 36 • Parallel port and USB connection • DB25 male to Centronics 36 male

  • Kbd Mouse Cables and Adapters

    • Cables for keyboard and mouse • PS/2 type connections • Various cable lengths • Different DIN male and female combinations • Strong moulded connector heads

  • Monitor Cables

    • SVGA, VGA and high resolution monitor cables • Shielded and moulded • HD15 male to male and HD15 male to female cables • HD15 male to BNC or RCA available • Cable length from 1m to 25m

  • KVM Cables

    • Keyboard, monitor and mouse all in one cable • MD6 male to male • HD15 male to female

  • PAL Cables

    • TV cables with PAL connectors • PAL fly leads with various lengths • Different male/female connections • Some come with adaptors to make leads suit different applications • Moulded head connectors

  • DVI Cables

    • DVI is a video interface technology designed to maximize the quality of flat panel LCD monitors and high-end video graphic cards • Cables cover DVI-I, DVI-A and DVI-D • DVI-I and DVI-D have gold plated contacts -double shielded • Cable length from 1.8m up to 10m

  • BNC Cables

    • Quality patch leads with strain relief boot • Supplied individually in Poly bag • Various lengths available

  • Audio and Video Cables

    • Used to connect analogue video and stereo audio signals between equipment • Male to male and male to female combinations • Cable length 2m to 10m

  • Security Cables

    • Range of quality cables for security installations including alarm systems • 4, 6 and 8 core cable available with white PVC sheath • Figure 8 cable 2x 24/0.20mm • Printing on cable at 0.05m interval

  • Data Transfer Cables

    • Data cables for serial and parallel interface • Either 25 or 9 conductors • Shielded and moulded • Cable length from 1.8m to 5m

  • Adapters

    • AT Serial adaptors, and DB gender changers for data transfer • DB9, DB15, HD15 and DB25 mini changers • DB9/DB25 to RJ12/RJ45 adaptors, easy to assemble

  • Industrial Cable Rolls

    • Large range of Belden Multi-Pair and Coax & Twinax industrial cable • Supplied in 305 metre reels • UV resistant options available