Server Racks and Cabinets

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Server Racks and Cabinets
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  • Nova Home Networking

    • Ideal for data, telephone and video networking of most homes and small offices • Completely modular and easily scalable • All terminations and distributions are in a central location • A cost effective home networking solution • Two cabinet sizes: 365mm or 710mm high

  • Rack Accessories

    • Parts and components to complete server racks configuration needs • Cable management products and cord minders • Perforated door options • Spares such as castors, feet and cage nuts • Compliments all data room baying and configuration tasks

  • Racks and Enclosures

    • Server racks and cabinets for most data room needs • Convenient and wide unit height options • Floor standing, wall mount and wall swing frames options • Strong and sturdy design and construction • Lots of accessories for easy configuration

  • Power Rails

    • Power distribution needs easily met with these PDUs • Vertical and horizontal version available • Convenient 10 or 20 ways • Overload 10A circuit breakers • Designed to easily rack mount

  • Shelves

    • Fixed shelves, sliding shelves, shelves for keyboard and mouse and cantilever shelves • Manufactured from high grade steel • Various sizes to accomodate different depths of racks

  • Cabac Shelves

    • Spare and extra shelving components for basic cabinets • Variety of shelf types • Fixed, sliding and cantilever shelves • Accommodate cabinets of varying depths • Painted black to colour match cabinets

  • Fan Modules

    • Fan module for server racks cooling and air circulation needs • Reliable and long lasting fans • Black module bracket to match cabinets • Easy installation on spare fan cut out in cabinets • Smooth and quiet fan operation

  • Blank and Vent Panels

    • Panels to cover up unused server rack spaces • Create air barrier for better cooling • Also have vented panels when circulation is required • Come in 1 or 2 RU for convenient blanking • Painted black to colour match cabinets

  • Monitor Arms and Mounts

    • LCD monitor and screen mounting solutions • Desk mount, wall mount and ceiling mount options • Strong and sturdy construction • Hold various screen sizes • Easy installation

  • Wall Brackets and Frames

    • Easy installation frames for small network applications • Ideal for use where space is limited • Use as an open frame • 2mm thickness with black colour paint • Extendable to Max 345.7 ±0.3mm / Min 245mm2