Earthing Products

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Earthing Products
Earthing Rods, Earthing Nuts, 3M Earthing Accessories, Copper C Connectors


  • Earthing Rods

    • Portable earthing devices (PED), attachment points, and tools • Design your PED • Choose a clamp type • Choose a cable length • Pre-made sets also available

  • Earthing Nuts

    • Hexagon brass locknut with threaded holes for locking grub screw - Simple to use with one spanner fit • Quick fit earth for glands with SWA & EMC • Safe and easy low resistance connection every time • Secure and direct connection even when mechanically pulled • Tested to BS EN 50262

  • 3M Earthing Accessories
  • Copper C Connectors

    • Specifically designed for corrosion resistant and high current jointing/tapping of buried copper earthing grids, or to earth rods • Made from 99.9%+ CU high conductivity Copper • C shape is coated with jointing compound • Various types available including wide jaw and multifit • Large range of sizes