Underground Equipment

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Underground Equipment
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  • Underground Equipment - URD Connector Systems

    • URD Connection System range is for use with stranded, solid sector and circular stranded cables • Designed to make looped pillar connection systems quick and easy • Eliminates many of the components usually required for crimping • Australian Standards compliance • Kits also available

  • URD Terminal Blocks

    • Designed to connect power conductors up to 50mm2 • Choose from 2, 3 or 6 way terminals • Shrouded allen key screws for clamping the conductor • Accepting Authorities: Energy Australia and Integral Energy

  • Cable Rollers

    • Range of high quality cable rollers • Flat trench, raised trench and corner designs • Various sizes and materials

  • Manhole Equipment

    • Range of manhole guards, tents and rollers • Telstra approved fold away guards • Durable and brightly coloured fibre splicing tent also available

  • Underground Equipment - Conduit Rods and Frames

    • High quality continuous fibreglass rod fitted with brass ends • Flexible with high tensile strength • Range available: 4.5mm - 11mm O.D. • All conduit rod is locatable • Fitted to heavy duty zinc plated frames

  • Conduit Cable Guides

    • Large range of quality conduit cable guides • Suitable for conduit up to 150mm • Provides a smooth surface for the cable to glide smoothly against • Large range of sizes • Range includes lockable and bellmouth guides

  • Hauling Swivels

    • Breakaway swivels providing invaluable protection when pulling fibre optic or coaxial cable • Stainless steel swivels designed to handle higher thrust loads • Colour coded 22mm swivel fuses • Huge range of sizes available

  • Cable Lubricant

    • Water based cable hauling lubricant providing excellent friction reduction • Non-toxic and non-flammable • Compatible with all forms of cable jacket • Does not stress crack polyethlyne plastics • Supplied in up to 20 litre drums

  • Hauling Rope

    • Large range of durable hauling rope in a variety of diameters and lengths • High break load ratio • Supplied in coils and on reels • High strength and low stretch

  • Cable Blowers

    • Complete range of cable blowers and accessories • Tornado Cable Blower installs fibre optic cable up to 90m per min • Overblowing Cable Box installs new cable into occupied sub-duct • 2 Stage Jetline Blower installs lightweight jet line up to 1000m

  • Line Carriers

    • Shaped like a balloon with a rigid plastic mouth to ensure that the balloon stays inflated • Various sizes available

  • Cleaners and Mandrels

    • Full range of cleaners, lube spreaders and mandrels • Rubber conduit cleaners clear sand, mud and other debris • Conduit proving mandrels test conduit integrity before hauling • Suitable for a large range of conduit sizes

  • Hand Rods

    • Polycarbonate hand rods and accessories • Lightweight, strong and flexible • Full kit available • Hook and loop set, brass hauling eye and more

  • Drum Stands

    • High quality drum stands and accessories • Hydraulic cable drum jacks • Disc brake and fixing arm sets • Cable drum trolley • Cable reel dispenser stands

  • Pit Keys and Breaker

    • Range of keys and breakers to assist in moving heavy manhole covers • Telstra approved keys available • Breakers and more

  • Cable Lashers

    • Quality range of cable lashers for a variety of applications including telecom cable and single aerial cable (or numerous cables) • Apollo Cable Lasher - lightweight and easy to handle and maintain • J2 Cable Lasher features fast set up and quick loading coil • Supplied in heavy duty water resistant carry cases

  • Line Tensioners

    • Easy to use digital running line tensiometer and dynamometers • Supplied in a rugged storage case • Dynamometers include tare function and max peak load indicator • Tensiometer provides continuous pulling tension read out

  • Underground Equipment Come A Long Grips

    • Quality range of Come A Long Grips suitable for a wide range of cable types and sizes • 1-4 tonne grips • Middle and large Grips for bare aluminium and bare copper cables • ABC Grip suitable for Aerial Bundled Cable

  • Overhead Rollers

    • Range of overhead rollers, corner blocks and brackets • Welded and painted steel frames • Cable retaining roller prevents cable from jumping off • Polyurethane rollers for durability

  • Underground Equipment Excavation Tools

    • Range of quality garden and tradesman's tools • Fibreglass handled shovels • Telstra approved wooden handled crow bar • Rakes and axes • Picks and Mattocks