Live Line Tooling

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Live Line Tooling
Shotgun Hotsticks, Round Hotsticks, Universal Poles, Telescopic Hotsticks, COG Sticks, Universal Hotstick Tools, Jump...


  • Shotgun Hotsticks

    • Basic tooling for live line work • Hook and eye at the end of the stick operated by a trigger action • Special attachment tools available • Polyurethane foam filled • Conformant Standards ASTM F711, IEC 855, NBR 11854

  • Round Hotsticks

    • ITZGLAS round hotsticks are made to guarantee the safety distance and the necessary insulation during live electrical work • Featuring a universal brass fitting 'rising sun' head • Fits all available universal tools and accessories • Choose up to 5 sections with an extended length of 6.45m • Conformant Standard: F711-02, IEC 60855

  • Universal Poles

    • Range of accessories for RITZ Hotstick Poles • Universal fittings • Patching kits, wiping cloth, tester sticks and more

  • Telescopic Hotsticks

    • RITZGLAS triangular shaped hot sticks provide the working distance and insulation required to perform routine jobs on overhead electrical systems • Telescopic design featuring sticks that slide into eachother • Integrated locking buttons • Provide greater flexibility with the ability to adjust length • Special tools, test equipment and accessories also available

  • COG Sticks

    • All angled COG wrench round hotsticks allow the operator to locate a 1/2" drive at an angle, and turn it, whilst steadying the drive • Hand grip holds the COG in place whilst the pole is rotated • Used in hard to reach places

  • Universal Hotstick Tools

    • All tools feature a 'rising sun' type attachment for use with RITZ Hotsticks • Disconnect tool • Hacksaw • Pulleys • Pruning saw and much more

  • Jumper and Earth Clamps

    • Large range of Jump and Earth Clamps for a variety of live line applications • Duck bill clamps - easy to locate and snap on before tightening • Grounding clamps, C-type clamps and more

  • Covers and Specialised Equipment

    • Large range of Live Line covers and specialised equipment • Re-useable insulating covers for protection of energised circuits • Swivel Boom with mast • Extension arm and conductor support • Bird flappers and more