Overhead Line Equipment

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Overhead Line Equipment
Split Bolt Connectors, Full Tension Copper Sleeves, Parallel Groove Clamps, ABC Insulation Piercing Connectors, House...


  • Split Bolt Connectors

    • A complete range of split bolt connectors used for tapping or joining aerial hard drawn copper conductors or insulated copper conductors • Made from a hard grade high conductivity brass • Featuring a captive saddle which applies distributed pressure • Complies with ESAA specifications • Use with any standard linesman spanner

  • Full Tension Copper Sleeves

    • Copper compression sleeves designed to accommodate stranded hard drawn copper overhead conductors • Complies with full tension testing requirements - AS1154.1 • Quickly crimped using hexagonal dies and HT51 Hydraulic Crimper • Finished joint is shorter and less bulky than the McIntyre sleeve • No need for twisting of the conductor

  • Parallel Groove Clamps

    • Copper, Aluminium and Bi-Metal Parallel Groove Clamps • Forged not extruded to create a high strength clamp • Slotted holes allow adjustment for various conductor sizes • Gripping groove design on clamp area for greater conductivity • Tighten to high torques with a single spanner

  • ABC Insulation Piercing Connectors

    • Full range of ABC Insulation Piercing Connectors used to tap off low voltage XLPE insulated Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) • Featuring a unique insulation piercing technique • Designed for all weather applications and easy to install • Connections can be made live in minutes • Suitable for Aluminium or Copper

  • House Service Connectors

    • Designed to optimise connection of overhead Aluminium service conductors to the Copper service at a consumer's premises • Fully waterproof • Fully insulated connector and screws for installer protection • Available in standard or neutral bond • Large cable range on each end

  • ABC Strain Clamps

    • Full range of quality strain clamps made to Australian standards • House service strain clamps • Dead end strain clamp • Designed for up to four conductors

  • ABC Suspension Clamps

    • Designed to suspend four 95mm2 ABC conductors • Made from hot dipped galvanised steel with an EDPM rubber insert • Holds all parts captive so that components can not be dropped • Quick and simple to install • Tightened with a single wing nut

  • ABC Compression Sleeves

    • Pre-insulated, bi-metal ABC tension sleeves used for full tension jointing of ABC (Aerial Bundled Conductor) cables • Insulated with a strong sheath of thermoplastic polymer material • Coated with contact grease and stop for correct positioning • Colour coded to assist in selecting correct size • Marked with required die size

  • ABC Bi Metal Lugs

    • Designed to connect ABC cables to transformers, switchgear etc. on the pole top • Pre-insulated so there is no need for insulation or heatshrink • Colour coded for identification of cable sizes • End seal provides 6kV under water dielectric strength • Pre-filled with jointing compound for improved electrical contact

  • Aluminium Sleeves

    • Large range of full tension and non tension Aluminium sleeves - choose a sleeve for use with ACSR, AAC or AAAC conductors • Featuring a centre cable location dimple • Filled with jointing compound • Crimp using hex or indent dies

  • Flexible Copper Braids

    • A range of extremely flexible Copper braids used on disconnects and switch handle grounds • Also used to take up linear expansion and contraction • Absorbs vibration • Seamless pure copper ferrules • Special ends and braid types available on request

  • Insulation Products

    • Temporary insulating items to assist in providing a safe environment when working with electrical equipment • Tiger Tails (Torapoli Pipe) with unique high visibility pattern • Insulating line covers - high quality dual layer PVC barrier • Australian Standards compliance • Reliable and durable

  • URD Connector Systems

    • URD Connection System range is for use with stranded, solid sector and circular stranded cables • Designed to make looped pillar connection systems quick and easy • Eliminates many of the components usually required for crimping • Australian Standards compliance • Kits also available

  • URD Terminal Block

    • Designed to connect power conductors up to 50mm2 • Choose from 2, 3 or 6 way terminals • Shrouded allen key screws for clamping the conductor • Accepting Authorities: Energy Australia and Integral Energy

  • Screen Wire Lugs and Links

    • Specially designed to connect the screen wire in an underground joint • Featuring a simple shear head bolt up connection • May be used with fine stranded wire and building wire • Copper or Aluminium conductors • Made from tin plated brass

  • Come A Long Grips

    • Made from tin plated brass • 1-4 tonne grips • Middle and large Grips for bare aluminium and bare copper cables • ABC Grip suitable for Aerial Bundled Cable

  • Tree, Stay,Possum Guards

    • Range of guards to protect cables from trees, livestock and possums • Made from Polyetelene 14 - low density • UV Stabilised