Low Voltage Terminations and Joints

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Low Voltage Terminations and Joints
Heatshrink Joints and Terminations, 3M Resin, 3M Splicing Kits, Straight Through Cable Joint Kits, Cable Branch Kits,...


  • Heatshrink Joints and Terminations
  • 3M Resin

    • Several resin options available plus a full range of accessories • Sealing Compounds • Insulating Resin • Re-enterable Resin • Pressure System Components

  • 3M Splicing Kits

    • Low Voltage splicing kits supplied with a full set of accessories and detailed instructions • All-in-one resin joint kits • Direct bury products • Poured (inline) resin splice kits • Heatshrinkable UF Kit

  • Straight Through Cable Joint Kits

    • Ideal for single or multi-core telephone, signal, and power cables with up to 3.3kV rating • Use where cables are buried underground, water submerged and more • Easy visual check before and during pouring of cast resin • Quick seal of mold around cable • Cable joints comply with VDE standards

  • Cable Branch Kits

    • Cable branch kits for general branch jointing • Kits available for single or multiple conductors • Resin supplied

  • Cast Resin Branch Off Joint Kits

    • Low voltage branch kits for single to four core cables • Supplied with a split shell, instructions, tape and more • Three sizes available

  • Jointing Resins

    • Easy mix and pour resin packs for smaller joints • Bulk resin in 2 litre or 3 litre cans • Supplied with a full set of instructions