Medium Voltage Terminations and Joints

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Medium Voltage Terminations and Joints
Heatshrink Cable Termination Kits, Heatshrink Cable Joint Kits, Steel Wire Armour Kits, Accessories and Components


  • Heatshrink Cable Termination Kits

    • Medium voltage cable terminations up to 33kV • Indoor and outdoor kits available • Supplied with full instructions • Terminations designed to minimise tail length • Suitable for use on XLPE cables in all environments

  • Heatshrink Cable Joint Kits

    • Designed for easy installation utilising leading edge dual extrusion thickwall heat shrink technology • Used for polymeric straight joints • Ranges has been fully tested (Test Reports available on request) • Supplied with complete set of instructions and accessories • For XLPE cable 11-22kV

  • Steel Wire Armour Kits

    • Heatshrinkable medium voltage indoor termination up to 36kV • Used for three core, EPR or XLPE insulated cable • Wire or tape screened, armoured cable • Copper or Aluminium conductors • Cable lugs not included

  • Accessories and Components

    • Special heatshrink boots for covering bushing on transformers, switchgear etc. • Silicone bushing boots also available for terminations up to 17kV • Straight and right angle designs