Cable Management and Fixings

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Cable Management and Fixings
Cabstrapping, Braided Sleeving, Spiral Binding, Loom Tube, Easy Wrap Binding, Fibreglass Sleeving, Flexible Grommets,...


  • Cabstrapping

    • A quick and effective way of securing or clamping items • Securing cables to poles, signs to poles, switch boards, pipes • The strap has a high clamping force providing secure attachment • Made from 304 series stainless steel • Withstands acidity, alkalinity and corrosive environments

  • Braided Sleeving

    • An expandable flexible harness manufactured from monofilament polyester • Mechanical and thermal protection of conductors • Expandable • Heat resistant • Self extinguishing

  • Spiral Binding

    • Designed to wrap around bundles of wires to make neat looms and protect the conductors • A range of diameters allowing break outs at any point • Natural for indoor use and black for UV resistant outside • Material: Alkathene low-density polyethylene • Maximum operating temperature: 70°C

  • Loom Tube

    • Used to create looms from loose wires - a simple way to create a harness • Crush proof and flame retardant • UV stabilised • Resistant to chemicals • Maximum operating temperature: 135°C

  • Easy Wrap Binding

    • Easy Wrap zips along a bundle of cables, creating a quick and easy bundling solution • Put all your messy cords neatly in one place • Suitable for all cable bundling solutions • Wraps around cables for a secure closure • No tools or training required

  • Fibreglass Sleeving

    • Featuring a flexible silicon rubber finish - flame retardant, water repellent and suitable for high temp applications • Applied over metallic wires for electro mechanical protection • Smooth interior and exterior finish • Insulating high temp components for home and industrial apps • Glass tubing is supplied in 1.2m (4ft) lengths or on reels

  • Flexible Grommets

    • Protects cables against sharp edges and abrasion on panel holes • Supplied in 2m rolls and can be cut to length • Snaps into place and fits circular or irregular shapes • Material: Polyethylene Colour: Natural • Maximum operating temperature: 90°C

  • P Clips

    • An economical and secure way to mount cables and looms to just about anything • Clip may be screwed to walls or cabinets • Made from Nylon 66 and very durable • Available in black or natural

  • Wall Plugs

    • Supplied in a handy merchandiser pack of 100 • Screw length should equal the plug length plus fitting • Available to fit 5mm to 8mm hole sizes

  • Bushes and Plugs

    • Range taking advantage and can be retro-fitted to a cord if necessary • Handy snap in nylon 66 bushes and plugs and rubber grommets • Self contained teeth for secure fit • Colour: Black

  • Screws

    • Range of quality screws supplied in 100 pack plastic bags or jars • Available in bugle, button, wafer, washer and pan head types • Also packaged in a handy dispenser box

  • Plug and Cord

    • Huge range of plug and cord in various lengths • Grey, white and black colours available • Lightweight, easy to carry and store • 2 and 3 pin available

  • Wire Nuts

    • Re-useable wire nuts suitable for solid and stranded wires • Used for general purpose wiring • Available in blue, red, grey and yellow colour

  • Strain Relief Bushings

    • Designed to clamp around a cord and inserted into a straight sided panel hole • Use with or without a 5mm earth terminal

  • Tapes

    • Tapes suitable for most applications • Double sided, insulation and self-amalgamating tapes • Heatshrink tape, warning tape, electrical and duct tape • Alpha compression tape and more

  • Slotted Trunking

    • Slotted Trunking (Duct) is the perfect solution for routing and concealing cables and wires • Use in control panels, work stations, cabinets and more • Slotted design system provides neat and finished appearance • Allows quick modification for larger cabling bundles • Fast installation

  • Cable Tags

    • Cable tags for cable labelling and identification • Multi-colours for network or group ID • Simple and quick application • Tear resistant and durable • Economical cable labelling solutions