Safety Equipment

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Safety Equipment
Ecco Workwear, 3M Workwear, Rescue Kits, First Aid Kits, Gloves, Clothing, Insulating Mats and Covers, Lock Out Tags ...


  • Ecco Workwear

    • Hi-Vis Vests • Hard Hats • Kneepads • Ear protection • Disposable Masks

  • 3M Workwear

    • Dust masks • Respirators • Ear protection

  • Rescue Kits

    • High quality rescue kits comply with all relevant standards • All kit components are available separately • Essential for anyone working on live electricity and live poles • Suitable for anyone at risk of electric shock e.g. fireman

  • First Aid Kits

    • Quality kits for a range of First Aid applications • First Aid Handbooks available

  • Gloves

    • Choose the correct protection for a variety of applications • Outer gloves, Arc Flash gloves, inusalted gloves, inner gloves • Kits and accessories available • Wide range of sizes

  • Clothing

    • Experts in IEEE, EN and NFPA 70E standards, we can help you find the best PPE solution for any situation • Clothing is Flame Retardant and anti-static • Broad range for all Arc Flash hazards • From all day work wear to HV switching - we have you covered

  • Insulating Mats and Covers

    • All mats comply to relevant standards and are supplied tested and ready to use • Mats available for both indoor and outdoor use • Low to high voltage mats available • Mandatory testing required every 6 months • Testing available in our NATA approved laboratory

  • Lock Out Tags and Circuit Breakers

    • Lockout locks available in standard metal or Dielectric nylon constructions for work in hazardous areas • Hasps available in stainless steel or Dielectric nylon • Lockout stations available for 5, 10 or 20 people • Circuit Breaker Lockouts available from mini up to oversized • Heavy duty tags resilient to grease, water, wear and tear

  • Harnesses

    • A range of harnesses to suit various height safety requirements • Made from quality materials • Full kits also available

  • Polestraps and Karibiners

    • Range of quality karabiners made from forged steel • Fully adjustable pole straps • Pole straps certified to Australian and NZ standards • Suitable for pole top work or elevated work platforms

  • Lanyards

    • Featuring an external compact energy absorber and certified to Australian and NZ standards • Applications include tower work and scaffolding • Stretchstop and double webbing lanyards available • Supplied with 19mm double action hook on each end

  • Hoists

    • Ratcheting Web Strap and Cable Web Hoists • Interlocking Pawl System • RFID tracking • Web Strap Hoists have stress link overload feature • Cable Winch Hoists have reversible handle that bends on overload

  • Safety Lighting Equipment

    • Heavy duty portable safety SmithLights • EX model suitable for use in hazardous areas • Rechargeable battery powers light for up to 12 hours • Available with various clamps and brackets • Different height and light head angle settings

  • Traffic Control Equipment

    • Useful for road works, construction sites, industrial or warehouse applications and even in case of a car breakdown • All traffic control products meet AS/NZS standards

  • Refill Coils

    • Range available to replace damaged or worn sets • Sizes available: 4.5mm - 11mm O.D. • All re-fill coils are locatable

  • Fire Fighting Equipment

    • Choose equipment for home, work, vehicle or industrial applications • Fire extinguishers are filled with ABE type powder • Fire blanket can be wall mounted in seconds • Blanket ideal for kitchens and similar home/workplace fires