Hand Tools

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Hand Tools
Hand Crimpers, Hydraulic Crimpers, Marker Pens and Crayons, Spare Parts, Excavation Tools, Cutters, Measuring Devices...


  • Hand Crimpers

    • Huge range of hand crimpers suitable for crimping copper lugs and terminals • Precision crimpers for the professional electrician • General purpose crimpers also available for the handy man

  • Hydraulic Crimpers

    •Large range of hydraulic crimpers ranging from 5 tonne up to 60 tonne - a crimper for every application •Featuring the 12 tonne Kompressor - less than 2 sec crimp cycle •Full kits available for some crimpers supplied with dies •Battery powered crimpers also available

  • Marker Pens and Crayons

    •Valve-action fibre marker pens for writing on smooth surfaces •Wax based crayons for marking on rough surfaces •Sharp bright colours available

  • Spare Parts

    •Range of spare parts for hand tools •Storage solutions •Spare blades for cutters •and more

  • Excavation Tools

    •Range of quality garden and tradesman's tools •Fibreglass handled shovels •Telstra approved wooden handled crow bar •Rakes and axes •Picks and Mattocks

  • Cutters

    •Huge range of ratchet operated and hydraulic cutters •A cutter is available for every application •Choose a cutter for steel/wire rope or copper/aluminium cables •Spare blades available for some models

  • Measuring Devices

    •Tape, rulers, wheels and measuring sticks available •Accurate, quality tools •A measuring device for any application

  • Strippers

    •Huge range of quality stripping tools, devices and knives •Insulated stripping tools available •From low cost through to precision high quality •Combination cutters and strippers

  • Saws

    •Range of professional saw tools •Wall board saws with excellent cutting performance •Hacksaw with quick blade change •Conduit saw suitable for cutting most materials

  • Cable Tensioners

    • Tools available for all cable ties including stainless steel • Tighten and cut off in one tool • Heavy duty tensioner also available

  • Pliers and Sidecutters

    • Large range of pliers, long nose pliers and side cutters • Range includes Insulated tools up to 1000V • Made from high quality materials and designed for comfort • General use and professional tools available • Lengths range from 125-230mm

  • Screwdrivers

    • Quality range of professional screwdrivers and kits • Range includes insulated tools up to 1000V • Made from high quality materials and designed for comfort • Cordless drill bit sets also available

  • Ring Spanners

    • Large range of ring spanners in various sizes up to 21mm • Range includes Insulated tools up to 1000V • Ratchet spanner also available for working in confined spaces

  • Moulded Rubber Strap

    • Used in any tie down situation - a high quality product manufactured in the USA • Batch tested for breaking point, hardness and ageing • Manufactured of the highest quality EPMD rubber elastomer • Straps stretch to 1.6 times the original length • Various sizes available

  • Kits

    • Large range of quality kits for the apprentice through to the professional electrician • Kits supplied in bags and tool boxes • Range includes insulated and non insulated tools • Range of test and measurement equipment included • Screwdrivers, cutters, strippers also included in some kits

  • Hole Saws

    • Huge range of quality hole saws and hole cutters including kits and accessories • Bi-metal high speed holesaws - cuts thin metal and hard timber • Hole cutters - accurate cutting of metal, steel and plastic • Hole saw kits include arbours and adaptors

  • Socket Drivers

    • Insulated socket driver range • Quality German made product • Various lengths available

  • Hammers

    • Professional hammer with sturdy rubber grip • Fibreglass handle and carbon steel head • Hand finished featuring a carbon steel head • Professional hammer with sturdy rubber grip • Fibreglass handle and carbon steel head • Hand finished featuring a carbon steel head

  • Soldering Irons

    • Large range of soldering irons, gas torches kits and accessories • Low cost high quality units available • Range also includes flameless gas heat gun • Spare soldering iron tips sold separately

  • Allen Keys and Hex Keys

    • Insulated Allen Keys used to tighten shear bolts in our range of bolt up connectors • Standard Allen Key hex drivers • Range of sizes available

  • Gun Tools

    • 2000W Heat Guns supplied in a heavy duty plastic case. Choose model with cool air flow or 2 heat settings • Caulking guns

  • Power Tools

    • Large range of drill and driver tools • Impact wrenches • Jigsaws and cutters • Angle grinders • and more

  • Knives

    • Large range of quality knives and blades • Hacking knives, webbing knives utility knives and more • Ergonomic handle designs available • Insulated knives included in range

  • Sockets

    • Double insulated socket range with 1000V VDE protection • Standard 6 point hexagonal drive • Made to DIN 7448 • Chrome plated vanadium steel • Size range fro 10-24mm

  • Pulling Tools

    • Highly flexible steel wire springs with a steel wire reinforcement through the middle • Ideal for 'fishing' in conduits and ducting • Low friction and very robust • Various lengths available

  • Cable Stocking

    • Huge range of cable stockings for cable hauling applications • Tubular single eye, offset eye, double eye • Lace up offset eye, heavy duty and ABC cable stockings • Cable stocking swivels (clevis/clevis type) also available • Large range of sizes

  • Wrenches

    • Professional quality adjustable wrenches • Available in 8, 10, 12 and 15 inch lengths

  • Chisels
  • Drill Bits

    • Huge range of quality drill and auger bits in many different sizes • Auger bits for all types of timber • Spade drill bits for fast boring of clearing holes in timber • SDS drill bits for brick, mortar and concrete drilling • High speed steel jobber bits for a variety of applications

  • Levels

    • Quality professional aluminium levels featuring rubber moulded boots • Heavy duty, laser and standard types available • Accurate and reliable • Rugged construction

  • Bits and Holders

    • Magazine bit holder sets - store bits inside of screwdriver • Bit holders for power machines • Shank bit holders • Nutsetters • and more

  • Fish Tapes

    • Used for pulling wire and cables into conduit runs • Pulling rods and roll styles available • Various lengths and storage solutions • Repair kits also available