Electrical Test and Measurement

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Electrical Test and Measurement
Voltage Indicators and Detectors, Voltage Testers, Multimeters, Current Clamp Meters, Insulation Testers, RCD Testers...


  • Voltage Indicators and Detectors

    • Non contact voltage detection from 50V to 600V in pencil style housings • Non contact pen style voltage detection (electric field) • Options: basic, continuity, with torch to magnetic field • Must be proven on a known live source prior and after testing • Compliance - AS61010 CATIII and IV; C-tick

  • Voltage Testers

    • Voltage testers for safely and reliably testing electrical sources • Detects voltage and continuity • Very safe to use - ideal for proving "dead" • LED or LCD and LED Display • Compliance: AS61010 CATIII and IV; C-tick

  • Multimeters

    •Analogue and digital multimeters from basic to top of the range professional digital multimeters •Suitable for professional electricians •Compliance: Safety - AS61010 CATIII & IV, EMC - C-tick •Feature packed: 5 in one DMM to datalogging •PC link and top ranges

  • Current Clamp Meters

    •Current clamp meters for AC, AC/DC, leakage current and special applications •Open jaw (12mm), compact (28mm) to large clamp (57mm) •Compliance: Safety - AS61010 CATIII & IV, EMC - C-tick •Feature packed: temperature, earth leakage to datalogging •Suitable for professional electricians

  • Insulation Testers

    •Insulation testers, with analogue or digital displays for voltage from 250V to 5kV •Essential for Electrician's use in installations •250, 500 and 1000V to 5kV testers •Rugged construction, safe and reliable

  • RCD Testers

    •Range of RCD testers for single and three phase Safety Switches from 100V to 450V •Suitable for portable or installed RCDs •Tests RCDs according to AS3760

  • Socket Testers

    •Ideal for testing live and neutral polarity •Tests RCDs to trip •Essential tool for testing polarity in socket outlets •240 V ±10% test range

  • Fault Loop Impendance Testers

    •Suitable for all electrical network loop impendence measurements and analysis •Suitable for use by electricians testing fault loop impedence •Displays all loop impedences i.e. live/neutral, live/earth etc •High current input accurately tests low value resistance measure •Compliance: AS61010; C-Tick

  • Phase Rotation Testers

    •Range of phase sequence testers. From motor rotation testing to overhead line models •CATIII and CATIV applications •Tests phase rotation on three phase motors or overhead lines •Some units include motor rotation test •Compliance AS61010; C-tick

  • Earth Resistance Testers

    •Analogue and digital display ground resistance measurement, ground voltages for two and three terminals •Suitable for single electrode testing •Measures earth voltage up to 30V •Calibrated with factory supplied test leads •Compliance: AS61010; C-Tick

  • Cable Locators

    •Range of cable locators for data cable and circuit breakers used on either 'dead' cabling or 240V LV circuits •Find circuit breakers and 'Live' circuits •C1012 for 'live' and 'dead' circuits •C1012 suitable for data cabling and underground power cables •C1012 includes non contact voltage detection

  • Low Resistance Meters

    •Milliohm and microohm meters suitable for testing motor windings to connector and joint microhm resistance •Portable battery powered test equipment •Output ranges: T4137 0 1 ti 100 mA & TMPK253 is 1 mA to 10 A •Heavy duty robust cases for rugged use •Four terminal system

  • Appliance Testers

    •Range of appliance testers from basic models to basic testing and detailed logging •Top range offers detailed asset management facilities •Accessories available such as labels and tags •Units available for occasional testing to full featured model

  • Thermometers

    •Range of temperature testing equipment from basic thermometers to multiple channel temperature loggers •Models with Type-K thermocouples to infrared testing •Temperature and environment testing to logging instruments •Infrared cameras from pocket type to detailed information logging •Accessories available: Thermocouple Probes

  • Power Meters

    •World's most accurate portable energy use meter range •Accurately calculates energy usage (up to 0.2% accuracy) •10 Amp and 15 Amp versions available •Independantly samples voltage and current 4800 times per second •Correctly calculates for power factor and in-rush currents

  • Sound Level Meters

    •Sound level meter with A & C frequency weighting •Standard sound meter with range from 32dB to 130dB •Bargraph display •Samples 2 x per second •Compliance: IEC651 Type 2

  • Lux Meters

    •Measures the range of Illuminance - Visible Light to The Human Eye from 0.01 to 200 000 Lux •Suitable for low level illumination (<20 Lux) •Fast updating 2.5 x per second •CIE Photopic Spectral Response

  • Tachometers

    •Tachometers for optical and mechanical measurement •Velocity in rpm, m/min or Ft/min •Lightweight •Optical sensor with mechanical adaptors •4 digit LCD

  • Distance and Area Devices

    •Distance and area measurement using sonic techniques •Laser pointer targets the item to measure •Measure metric or Imperial

  • Gas Detectors

    •Building installed Safety Gas detectors for LPG and Natural Gas •Alarms if gas is greater than 10%

  • 4 to 20mA Source Calibrators

    •Test sources for 0-20mA and 0 to 10V used in analogue signals in process intrumentational and control •Suitable for providing a source for analogue process signals •Compact and light weight

  • Capacitance Testers

    •Capacitance and inductance testers •Measures resistance, inductance and capacitance •3 3/4 digit LCD •Diode test •Update rate 2.5 x per second

  • Automotive Testers

    •Range of automotive electrical testers for testing voltage to generator function •Digital multimeter dedicated to automotive testing •4 selectable triggers Positive and Negative •Dwell, Select no. of cylinders, Alternator Tester & O2 Sensor •RPM for 4 Stroke and 2 Stroke

  • High Voltage Testers

    •High volatage detectors and proximity testers for medium and high voltage lines •Medium voltage detection to 36kV •High voltage detection to 800kV •Proximity voltage detection to touch type voltage detection •Accessories: Ritz "Hot Stick" and telescopic sticks available

  • Test Leads

    •Range of test leads for test instruments •CATIII and CATIV applications •Insulation: PVC or silicone rubber •Various probes available •Crocodile clips available in different styles and sizes

  • Test Kits

    •Range of test kit assemblies to suit different electrical applications •Packed in heavy duty thermoplastic cases as per product lists •Cases are foam filled for seating test equipment •Various configuration available with electrical or environmental •Heavy duty cases ensures protection from elements

  • Carry Cases

    •Range of pouches and cases suitable for carrying and storing various test equipment and tools •Soft pouches with meter compartments and lead restraints •Suitable for hand held meters •Hard cases available with or without foam inserts for packing